Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OLW112 - Song in My Heart

This week's One Layer Wednesday challenge is to make a card inspired by your favourite song, singer, composer, performer or something else musical.  It can be "Happy Birthday" or a Christmas carol or a hymn, classical or country or jazz or blues or showtunes or whatever inspires you!

I love all types of music. Because I play piano, I have spent a lot of time listening to and playing classical music, but, if you look at my MP3 player list, you can tell that one of my favourites is David Bowie. Since today is Hallowe'en, "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" seemed especially appropriate.  I have a list of all his song titles, and every once in a while, I go through them to find inspiration. Today I found three (see below for the others!)

OLW112 Rules

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single layer of card stock folded in half. No other layers allowed!

2. Make a card that is inspired by music in some way.   Remember to keep embellishments to a minimum and NO ADDITIONAL LAYERS of card stock.

3. Post your card online and link it to the InLinkz button to the right.  If you link to your blog, please link to the specific post, not your blog’s main page.
4. HAVE FUN! I am looking forward in seeing how you are inspired by music (feel free to get carried away like I did and make more than one)

Life on Mars?

The Prettiest Star

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

CASology 17 - Sugar!

This week's CASology Cue Card is Sugar! And our sponsor this week is Neat and Tangled Stamps.

I used a classic layout and created my candy cane wreath using Neat and Tangled Stamps set Sweet Home. The stamps are high quality, easy to use and the images are really sweet!

To keep the card light and airy, I matted it on a very narrow red mat and then onto a white cardbase - making sure there is lots of breathing room!

Now it's your turn for a sugar high! Don't forget the deadline is Sunday, November 4 at noon (CST).

Here are links to the blogs of the other design team members - go check out their sweet creations!

Monday, 29 October 2012

CTS3 - Fantastic Voyage

A last card for this week's CAS(E) this Sketch:

This was inspired by a David Bowie song, Fantastic Voyage. Unknown Santa stamp, Impress Rubber Stamps sentiment.

FS299 - To the Nines

 I made these cards late in the day/evening on Sunday and was unable to figure out how to light the photos decently before my camera battery died (and I'm not saying I would have figured it out if the battery hadn't died. Photography is still a mystery to me!). I decided to save my sanity and just wait until morning, when hopefully, the light would be better (and it's not much better, due to the remnants of hurricane Sandy- we're supposed to be having a stormy, rainy day/week here in Toronto).

My cards are based on this card by this week's Featured Stamper, Janine (aka 'nines').

I thought the idea of using three images with the sentiment placed between two of them was quite interesting.

The angel is a Lifestyles Crafts die, with an Impress Rubber Stamps sentiment. The bodies are cut in white glitter paper, the wings in vellum and the halos are silver mirror card. I've lost track of who made the horse stamps and the sentiment is Inkadinkado.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

CFC76 - Snowflake Merry Christmas

Day two of Getting Krafty for this week's CASual Friday challenge.

This is my newest snowflake die - it's a Sizzix (ETA - Actually a Lifestyles Crafts) die. I love the size and the simplicity of it. I cut it in kraft and then coated it in Stardust Stickles. A red card base and a simple A Muse (ETA - actually Savvy) sentiment and another Christmas card done for my pile.

I have a number of projects I'm falling behind on - my Church Christmas, some horse cards for my sister and  photo Christmas cards for a friend (this will be year 4) - so don't be surprised to start seeing a lot of these on the blog in the very near future!

ETA: This card was chosen as a VIP!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

CFC76 - Getting Krafty

This week's CAS-ual Friday challenge is to use Kraft.

For this card, I cut and stamped the kraft panel with the million little dots, concentrating them in the centre and spreading them out towards the edges. Then I stamped the Stampin' Up sentiment in black on the kraft panel. Didn't like it. And thought about a new and exciting (for me) way to create a new sentiment area.

I got out my craft knife. Yes, they let me use sharp tools around here (how else would they get fed?!). I cut two slits in my white mat layer and slid the kraft panel through. It's loosely attached, but I wanted it to look quite casual as if it was sitting in there on its own.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Kate and I are going to see a live production of Willy Wonka tonight with one of my sisters and her two children. It will be a very late night (the theatre's two  hours away, where my sister lives), but we're looking forward to a fun dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and then the show!

Friday, 26 October 2012

CTS3, OLW111- Smiling Again

For this week's CAS(E) this Sketch:

and for this week's One Layer Wednesday challenge, hosted by Karen, to make a card that makes you smile.

Rainbows make me smile, Stickles (ok, anything shiny) make me smile and celebrating makes me smile! (and so does the clean font of this Stampin' Up sentiment!). Masking finally made me smile on the fourth attempt! lol!

What makes you smile? Why not whip up a one layer card and link up to this week's challenge? I'd love to see what you come up with!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

OLW111 - Finally Smiling Again

This week's One Layer Wednesday is being hosted by Karen. The challenge is to make a card that makes you smile.

Well, I have to tell you, I was not smiling on Wednesday when it was time to make this card. I had left it quite late in the day (having spent my time preparing a new recipe for dinner and then talking to my sister - two things that really do make me smile), and NOTHING was coming to me. It was just about time to go get Kate from school and then take her to figure out her Hallowe'en costume (also leaving that a bit late - the stores are a zoo right now!), Hallowe'en candy and then to her swimming lesson. No time left - especially because if I don't get the photo taken before about 4:00, the light is going and forget it!

I desperately started playing around with yesterday's circle layout, thinking perfect stamping would make me smile. Three imperfect attempts later, I was out of time and practically in tears. (Isn't it silly, the pressure we put on ourselves?!) Then this idea came to me. Much less stamping involved!

And I have to say, I'm SO happy with this! These icons represent things that make me smile (music, flowers, love, home, snowflakes (not snow) and butterflies). Of course other things make me smile, but I don't have little icon stamps that would fit in those circles for everything that I like! lol!

And think of the possibilities of this simple layout - this can be easily changed up for any occasion just by changing the colours and the icons! I definitely see a few variations of this in the future, and that makes me smile!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fun with Snowflakes

This one's just for fun. Sometimes you have to just stamp for fun! My brain sometimes hurts from too many challenges - not that I don't enjoy them, but once I start feeling like I have no ideas left, I have to just play around and come up with something on my own (or, as in this case, inspired by Pinterest).

This card  was inspired by this poster which is on my inspiration board on Pinterest:

Of course I couldn't just leave it all black, grey and white like that, could I? LOL!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CAS(E) this Sketch 2 - Take 2

Quick, quick post for a last minute inspiration for this week's CAS(E) this Sketch:

I used MFT's monogram alphabet (V) and an old Stampin' Up sentiment.

ETA - to place the v's, I used a reverse mask cut from a circle nestability. I found the centre of the circle (by using the cut out circle folded in half, I laid it on the empty circle twice, drawing the diameter - the centre is where the two diameters meet). Then I just stamped the black ones at 12, 3 and 6 o'clock and filled in the rest. For the sentiment, I used a stampamajig.

CASology 16 - Wild!

This week's CASology Cue Card is WILD!

My mind immediately went in two directions - wild animals or wild design. I settled on a wild animal, but now I can't decide if it's a polar bear or a harp seal.(and my daughter thought it was a dog, and not wild at all!)

The exciting (or wild) thing about this card is that I went a little wild and drew it by hand with my 110 Special Black Copic marker, leaving the little white spots for shine and dimension. I admit to a few practice runs (especially getting the two lines of the mouth to be somewhat even!) but it really wasn't too difficult. Made me feel quite authentic in my art! lol!

Now it's your turn to go wild  - I can't wait to see what you come up with - every week it's a real treat to see all the creativity that you have!

But first, drop by the blogs of the other members of the design team, and see what wild direction they've gone in:

Jen Wills

Melissa Chipperfield

Rosemary Dennis

Tracey McNeely 

Monday, 22 October 2012

FS298 - Disaster!

I've made two cards for this week's Featured Stamper challenge at Splitcoaststampers. The Featured Stamper is someone whose user name is Disaster. She must be one confident woman, I tell you. There is absolutely nothing disastrous about her gallery, but I found it strange to see the word 'Disaster' under each and every card she made. I couldn't do it (I guess I'm too suggestible!), but it seems to have had no negative effect on her creativity! 

My first card was inspired by this card:

See? Very pretty, not a disaster at all! I used Papertrey's Tremendous Treats (Christmas) and Annabelle Stamps sentiment.

My second card was inspired by this card:

This is a fun technique called "Burnished Velvet". You use strips of double sided tape and expose only the ones you want in that particular colour. I used Glitter Ritz micro glitter - it really feels like velvet once it's on the panel. Of course I sparkled for the rest of the day, but that's half the fun of crafting, right? I used the same mistletoe image, but in the smaller size and my favourite Stampabilities Merry Christmas (masked so I didn't get the second line of the sentiment).

See you tomorrow for the next CASology Cue Card!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

OLW110 - Squarey Christmas

Another card for this week's OLW challenge, hosted by Heather, to use squares. This card was inspired by the grade-school technique of pasting squares of tissue paper onto your page (see inspiration photo below). I masked the big triangle and the sentiment strip across the centre before stamping the overlapping squares (unfortunately, my square stamp has rounded corners) in multiple colours. I then removed the masks, ran it through the Cuttlebug with the sentiment strip covered to ensure no embossing there and finally scored a border on the top and bottom of the sentiment strip.

This card was inspired by this photo on my Inspiration Board on Pinterest:

Winter window craft

I love the modern feel this has - I'm getting a Lego vibe, too!

PS - thank you all for thinking I'm so awesomely patient and talented to stamp every little square perfectly lined up on yesterday's card. I wish I was that awesome. I obviously did not explain myself very well (except to Darnell, whose mind must work like mine (I'm so sorry, Darnell! lol!)).

Here's a photo that I hope shows the process

1) drew the pencil line
2) stamped the first row of squares (shown in black)
3) stamped the second row of squares (shown in turquoise), and erased the pencil line
4) coloured the little squares created by stamping the bigger squares (not shown).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully this makes my 'secret process' a little clearer!

PPS - extra special thanks to Shirley who crowned me Queen of  "geometric shapes with stained glass colours" - I'm proud to claim that title! (It's certainly nice to be Queen of SOMETHING! lol!)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

OLW110 - Hip to be Square

This week's One Layer Wednesday challenge is being hosted by Heather. The challenge is to make a one layer card using squares. There are a lot of really cool and creative entries - go check them out, if you haven't already!

To make this card, I pencilled a straight line across my card, and then stamped a small outline square repeatedly, on the diagonal, corner to corner. Then I went back and stamped more squares half way between the original squares. This technique generated all the really little squares (ok, they're not all perfectly square, but this is a handmade card and such flaws just add to the natural beauty of it! lol!). I erased the pencil line and coloured each square with a copic marker and then added a shade darker on the bottom two sides, which makes it look a little more dimensional.

OK. That was really confusing. Feel free to ignore it if you like!

I finished the card with a Hampton Arts Ditto stamp, with the end running off the page, to echo the squares also running off the page.

I really like versatile designs like this - quite easy to produce, and could be used in almost any occasion - all you have to do is change the colour scheme!

Friday, 19 October 2012

CTS2 - Merry Shiny Christmas

For this week's CAS(E) this Sketch:

I almost didn't use the mirror card - it's so pretty, but so darn difficult to photograph! But you need a little sparkle and shine for a Christmas card, right? I used two circle nestabilities  and a Papertrey bow die along with an Old Island Stamp Company sentiment. I used hot pink rather than red for the bow, just for fun!

This sketch is a wonderful layout and can be used in so many ways - if only there were more time!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hope You Can Cling To - Vital Signs

October is Hope You Can Cling To (HYCCT) month at Splitcoaststampers. Each day in the month, there is a challenge and all the cards for that challenge will be sent to a Cancer Centre in Texas, for use by patients and their families. See all the details HERE. See all the amazing cards made so far this month HERE.

Today, it is my turn to host the daily challenge, and my challenge is Vital Signs. You know all those irritating (but so important) little procedures doctors and nurses do to you over and over ? They check your PULSE, your TEMPERATURE, your BLOOD PRESSURE and your BREATHING. My challenge is to be inspired by one (or more) of these and make a card.

My card is inspired by temperature (warm) and pulse (heart). It was made using my Cricut (have not caved to the Cameo conspiracy yet!) and a Hero Arts sentiment.

I'd love it if you come on over and play along!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

CAS(E) this Sketch (CTS) Week 1 (Times 2)

(ETA - Missed the deadline, so no link to CAS(E) this Sketch this week - I'll have to try again next week!)

There's a new challenge blog in town - CAS(E) this Sketch!  Some of my favourite stampers are on the Design Team, and each week there is a CAS sketch, for you to CASE.

In honour of its first challenge, I've made two cards. But one may not qualify, so I'll just link this first one. I have no idea who made these stamps, but I thought it would be a fun anniversary card (to remind him that I had many other choices, lol!) or even a graduation or congratulations card for my son or one of his friends.

Here's the second card. My sentiment is not in the right place for the challenge, but I think it's a fun card.
These are also old clear stamps (except for the wrongly placed sentiment, which is Papertrey) and I'm not sure who made them.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

CASology 15 - Night

Today's CASology Cue Card is Night.

I started with a simple panel of navy and embossed the star (unknown) and the sentiment (Inkadinkado) with Lightning embossing powder (Sparkle and Sprinkle) - it's really sparkly in real life.

Then I thought it needed something. So I used my old cloud template (I made it out of cardboard years ago when Stampin' Up sold out of their fancy plastic version!) and sponged some navy ink onto the panel. Instant drama! Yes, it's occurred to me that it wouldn't be cloudy if you can see the stars, but I'm claiming artistic license here, lol!

We can't wait to see what you come up with for this week's Cue Card.

Don't forget to see what the other members of the design team made:

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bubbly Birthday

We're back! We were in Myrtle Beach for a little family vacation for the past week - I'm sorry to have been so silent and not made many comments (blame my husband's laptop with the dumb built-in mouse that is so difficult to use!) - but I had a ton of fun reading all the comments you left for me - I promise to try and catch up over the next few days!

Here's yet another card in this colour combination - I just love it! I think I'll send this one and the one from last week to my twin nephews, who are turning 6 in November. I like to make them matching, but different cards, if you know what I mean.

This card uses exactly 2 Papertrey stamps. And some Copics and Stickles, of course!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bowie Inspired - Golden years

This is the next Bowie-inspired card - remember this classic song - Golden Years (it also played a role in a Heath Ledger film - A Knight's Tale)?

This card is for my aunt and uncle, who are celebrating 50 years of marriage next month. I used some chipboard and acrylic paint daubers to make the frame and numbers, a Stampin' Up! sentiment, brushed gold, basic black and Very Vanilla cardstock.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bowie Inspired - Ziggy Stardust

One of my all-time favourite performers is David Bowie.

Bowie is known for being a chameleon - both musically and sartorially (see, I know some big words - my education was not a complete waste!). His music makes up about 60% of my 1,500 song MP3 player and his style ranges from folk to punk to hard rock to disco. Many of his song titles and lyrics pop into my head from time to time - I decided a few Bowie-inspired cards were in order.

This card was inspired by Ziggy Stardust, who was a Bowie stage persona in the early 1970s as well as a song:

I used a zig-zag (ok, it's ric rac) die and a star nestability to create the focal point. No dust, lol!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Hope You Can Cling To - You'll Never Walk Alone

I made this card for Splitcoaststampers' 3rd Annual Hope You Can Cling To event. Each day in October, there is a new challenge. The idea is to make cards for use by breast cancer patients and their families at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Austin Texas.

Today's challenge is being hosted by Dina. She challenged us to make a card based on a song from a movie or a musical. I chose "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the 1945 musical "Carousel".

I used an MFT die for the paper dolls and a Cheery Lynn doily die for the tiny hearts. LawnFawn Claire's alpha for the sentiment and pink mirror card for some bling.

I hope this card provides some encouragement for whoever receives it!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

OLW 109 - Hallowe'en

This week's One Layer Wednesday challenge is being hosted by Cheryl. The theme is Hallowe'en. I don't send Hallowe'en cards, but I do have a few images I've bought over the years and I've used them from time to time for various Hallowe'en treats or things like that.

I've had this A Muse Art Stamps image forever, (before they became A Muse Studios and stopped selling in Canada - have I mentioned how that bugs me?!) but I don't think I've ever used it. I think Hallowe'en is for little kids and it should be fun and cute and not gruesome and scary. (My 13 and 9 year old kids disagree, of course!). Most of my images are cute, but this one's a little spooky. I stamped it with the Recollections sentiment in Versafine Onyx and embossed with clear embossing powder before colouring the eyes yellow.

Now who will be the lucky recipient of my first-ever Hallowe'en card?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pinterest Inspired

This was a runner-up for use for my nephew's birthday last week. I went ultra-CAS for this, using this photo from my Inspiration Board on Pinterest as a starting point:

brand tape

The toughest part was getting that black layer under the sentiment strip as even as possible - it's very narrow and there wasn't much margin for error! (I felt it was needed to provide some definition, even though there isn't one in the inspiration photo.)

It never hurts to have a few masculine cards on hand - sometimes they're hard to make! (And I have 3 more nephews who have birthdays coming up!)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

CASology 14 - Leaf!

This week's CASology Cue Card is Leaf:

Recently, I've seen a couple of cards made using a real leaf. Karen Dunbrook used a leaf as a mask, so I thought, why not use a leaf as a stamp? I went out to my raspberry bushes in the back yard and pulled a few leaves and brought them into the craft room. Then I wasn't sure how to ink a leaf. I figured distress inks were the way to go - they're really wet and I have some nice bright fall colours. I laid the leaf face up on a scrap piece of paper and then laid my Lemonade distress ink pad over it. Then I did the same thing with my Festive Berries ink pad. I laid the leaf face down on my panel and 'leaned' on it with my largest acryclic block, to ensure even pressure. Then you should have seen me 'cleaning' the leaf so that I could use it again! lol!

I kept the rest of the card very simple to showcase the pretty colours, shapes and natural texture that using a real leaf created.

Now it's your turn! Just be-leaf! But first, drop by and see what the other members of the design team made: