Saturday, 20 October 2012

OLW110 - Hip to be Square

This week's One Layer Wednesday challenge is being hosted by Heather. The challenge is to make a one layer card using squares. There are a lot of really cool and creative entries - go check them out, if you haven't already!

To make this card, I pencilled a straight line across my card, and then stamped a small outline square repeatedly, on the diagonal, corner to corner. Then I went back and stamped more squares half way between the original squares. This technique generated all the really little squares (ok, they're not all perfectly square, but this is a handmade card and such flaws just add to the natural beauty of it! lol!). I erased the pencil line and coloured each square with a copic marker and then added a shade darker on the bottom two sides, which makes it look a little more dimensional.

OK. That was really confusing. Feel free to ignore it if you like!

I finished the card with a Hampton Arts Ditto stamp, with the end running off the page, to echo the squares also running off the page.

I really like versatile designs like this - quite easy to produce, and could be used in almost any occasion - all you have to do is change the colour scheme!


  1. So fun, Ardyth! I missed OLW for the first time last week, I think. Hope to make this one. Your teeny squares is soooo inspired and how you did it was not confusing to me. (Is that bad?)

    Always love your CAS and bright cards!!

  2. This is so pretty. I love this.


  3. beautiful, simple CAS one layer card.

  4. This looks terrific!! Love the sentiment and the row of gorgeous colors came out fabulous :)

  5. You know how Heather is the Queen of sponging and masking? Well, you're the Queen of geometric shapes with stained glass colours. I love how you can take a simple shape and create beautiful, colourful pattern with it - I wouldn't have the patience!

  6. ooooh...great squares!! I can't believe you stamped them each individually - I was all set to track down and buy the "border" stamp - but I'm not sure I would do it all one at a time!!

  7. Brilliant card, love it to bits!

    Warm hugs

  8. Such a bright and cheerful card. It is gorgeous. Well worth all the effort!

  9. This is fabulous Ardyth! I love that pattern.

  10. ... easy to produce... You're joking, right?Sheesh, I think I would have given up after 1/2 a row! This is some crafty stamping! Love the colors and how you ran the sentiment off the page.

  11. Each square separately? Yowzer! Looks great, and I'm impressed at your small repeated stamping ability!

  12. So neat.
    So cool.
    So clever.
    So even.
    So Ardyth.
    So lovely.

  13. Holy cow, I can't believe you stamped all those little squares individually!! It looks like one stamp! So awesome!

  14. HOW you did it is not's just incredible that any human could be that meticulous and patient. AND you're contemplating doing it again, for other occasions?

    On if only I could buy just a shred of your precision and creativity.

    Your cards ROCK!


  15. Ingenious, Ardyth, love it!


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