Sunday 21 October 2012

OLW110 - Squarey Christmas

Another card for this week's OLW challenge, hosted by Heather, to use squares. This card was inspired by the grade-school technique of pasting squares of tissue paper onto your page (see inspiration photo below). I masked the big triangle and the sentiment strip across the centre before stamping the overlapping squares (unfortunately, my square stamp has rounded corners) in multiple colours. I then removed the masks, ran it through the Cuttlebug with the sentiment strip covered to ensure no embossing there and finally scored a border on the top and bottom of the sentiment strip.

This card was inspired by this photo on my Inspiration Board on Pinterest:

Winter window craft

I love the modern feel this has - I'm getting a Lego vibe, too!

PS - thank you all for thinking I'm so awesomely patient and talented to stamp every little square perfectly lined up on yesterday's card. I wish I was that awesome. I obviously did not explain myself very well (except to Darnell, whose mind must work like mine (I'm so sorry, Darnell! lol!)).

Here's a photo that I hope shows the process

1) drew the pencil line
2) stamped the first row of squares (shown in black)
3) stamped the second row of squares (shown in turquoise), and erased the pencil line
4) coloured the little squares created by stamping the bigger squares (not shown).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully this makes my 'secret process' a little clearer!

PPS - extra special thanks to Shirley who crowned me Queen of  "geometric shapes with stained glass colours" - I'm proud to claim that title! (It's certainly nice to be Queen of SOMETHING! lol!)


  1. Your Squarey Christmas card took my breath away! So beautiful. Just love it. Bev

  2. I'm STILL impressed with yesterday - perhaps even more so that you could visualize those bigger squares making smaller squares!! And today is truly stunning!

  3. Wow, this is a most fabulous tree! You totally brought across the layered tissue idea with this design!

  4. Way to be carry out the inspiration! Your mind does work in geometric ways for sure -- you Queen you! :)

  5. Yes! Yes! You are definitely the Queen of Geometric. AND the Queen of Unique.

    I'm no less impressed with yesterday's card, now that you've "simplified" the process. It still takes a megaton of precision that probably is uniquely yours.

    And then you go and do that smashing tree today!

    Hmmm, can triangles be far behind? :-)


  6. ....I still think that there is no way anyone other than you could pull this off with such precision! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

    Another stunning creation...the colors are magnificant and the ebmossed background mimics the dots on the inspirational photo! Wow

  7. Unfortunately? I think the tree looks extra-funky with your rounded-corner stamp!
    And, ahh, I get it now with yesterday's stamping. :P I did wonder when you talked about stamping halfway between...

  8. I just cannot say enough about how cool this is Ardyth.

  9. Wow what you can do with a simple square stamp amazes me! I love this mulitcoloured Christmas did you mask off the sentiment so it didn't get embossed? jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com

  10. Wow is this a TERRIFIC looking holiday card! The tree of squares is a fantastic design and the colors are just fab! :)

  11. I, too, must have a mind like yours as I got the explanation yesterday. Like others before me, who took the words right out of my mouth, I was no less impressed with what you did and also with how you came up with it. Today's card has left me gasping. Only question is who made the embossing folder and what is it called so I can find one too? (Not that I don't already have 4 different dotty folders, ha-ha)...

  12. Totally Lego-esque and I like that the squares have rounded corners.

    You're still pretty awesome even if you didn't stamp a million tiny squares! LOL! Thanks for the photo explanation!

  13. All the colour in this card is gorgeous and the embossing reminds me of lego!

  14. LOL! I came back to look at this card again and just saw what you wrote! You're sweet, hon, apologizing! What I wouldn't give for HALF how your mind works!!

  15. Egads, you really need to stop this madness!!!! Oh how I love this card! The squares, the circles and the big triangle! And then I see your photo about the earlier post, and I sneak a peek at that one, oh my. How clever is that one too?!

  16. FABULOUSArdyth! Really thinking out the box. I also. Love the bright colours
    Lindsey x

  17. I am not sure I understand how you did it but even so, the result is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well this one escaped me until I checked out Cath's Pinterest of fave cards. Wowzer. This is uber-cool. I just love those overlaid mod squares. As a kid I used to sit and stare at our Christmas tree with squinty eyes just to get that effect.


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