Sunday 20 September 2020

Deck the Halls

Congratulations to this week's Featured Stamper, Patti (pepperann).

I chose this card as my inspiration:

I focused on Patti's:
-circle focal image
-jewel embellishments
-green tone-on-tone design

I changed:
-full green background
-half red frame

When I case someone, I like to make a list of the elements and then try and jumble them up. For this card, I used a full green background, instead of Patti's half. It was created with a new Catherine Pooler stencil, along with 2 colours of green ink.

I added the 'half' element by having only half a frame on the circle focal panel, which I created with Catherine's new Cranberry Fizz ink and my gel press. And just for fun, I put it on a bit of an angle.

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