Tuesday, 13 February 2018

30 Day Colouring

Well, it's been a busy 30 days, but I'm happy to say I did some colouring every day! Thanks to Kathy who puts this challenge together then tirelessly comments and provides support throughout the month and manages to do some colouring herself!

Today Tracey and I are using one of Catherine Pooler's newest products, Doodle Garden Background.

To make my card, I stamped the background and then cut a circle from the centre. I coloured everything on the circle and then laid it back into the panel. This is an easy way to get very precise highlight colouring. I don't think anyone can tell that it was actually cut out.

I used:

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Maxine D said...

Beautiful card Ardyth - and thanks for the tip re cutting the circle out of the background for a highlight element