Sunday 23 February 2020

10 Tips for Mass-producing cards with Intricate Die Cuts

Congratulations to this week's Featured Stamper, Shelly (msschmidty).

I chose this card as my inspiration:

I focused on Shelly's:
-horizontal 'stripes'
-white die cuts
-Christmas/winter theme

I changed:
-background colours
-dye ink re-inkers instead of alcohol inks
-nativity instead of snowflake

I made 36 of these cards and created a video with 10 tips for making the process more efficient, even with an intricate die.


  1. I don't usually mass produce, but your tips are so helpful that I just might give it a go. Your card is very pretty.

  2. Love your video Ardyth. I mass produce my Christmas cards most years, but my total is only about 36 all up! thanks for the tip about making all your backgrounds on the large pages and then cutting down the sheets.

  3. I love the backgrounds made using the Baby Wipe Technique - so pretty. I mass produce four different Christmas card designs each year. I thought I had it mastered, but your video did have some great tips I hadn't thought of using. It's interesting, you stamped your sentiment first and then die cut - I do it the opposite but it seems to work both ways!

  4. Hi Ardyth, I do christmas cards mass production since.. euhm.. forever 😁
    Love your video! I recognise problems and solutions. I also use such a cutting tool for over 10y and indeed the blade stays amazingly sharpe. I bought a misty-like tool (A4-format) only this year and really love it!
    The tape you used will definitly go on my wish list! I always use the broad score tape but is not always the best solutions. Thanks, Charlotte

  5. These are stunning! Your video is now book marked, and will be my "cased" holiday card idea this year. Thank you for working out the bugs of mass production with intricate dies. I love intricate dies but typically will only do 4-6 of one design, due to the time it takes. 36 in just a bit over 3 hours-fantastic!! Thank you!


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