Monday, 13 May 2013

Church Christmas - CASing Myself

Remember a little while ago, I made this card?

I didn't make it with the intention of it becoming one of my designs for my Church Christmas cards, but I was pleased with it and decided to adapt it so that it would be suitable.

Many of you know already that this year I'm making 300 Christmas cards for churches. Each church sends them out to members of their congregations, with a photocopied list of people of contributed to the project (the money goes to the church - I donate the cards) and a message from the church.

Because we need to enclose a list of participants, I generally make the cards a full A2 size, rather than my personally preferred 4.25x4.25 square.

To adapt this design, I did the following:

  • I made the focal point larger, by choosing a different, larger sentiment (Verve).
  •  I reduced the layers (and the amount of embossing that would have been involved!) 
  • Added some scoring on the front panel for interest. 
  • Softened the sponging so that I wouldn't have to cut a mask (although they were actually quite pretty just gold on white!).
  •  And I used Tempting Turquoise cardstock (an ongoing colour) rather than Bermuda Bay (which I'm running out of!) 
I made 24 of these in about 2 hours yesterday afternoon. (Which brings my accumulated total of Church Christmas cards to 113 for 2013!). While I love the design process, sometimes it's nice to switch over to the less intellectually demanding, more soothing assembly line process. Even if you end up with embossing powder in your hair, mouth, eyes, everywhere! lol!

I've added a new page "My Church Christmas Cards", which has most of them there (including some from past years, although many I don't have photographs of), and links to the corresponding Pinterest Board, if you're interested in seeing more.


  1. Gorgeous sponging and gold embossing! Can't believe you've made so many cards already!!

  2. Oh, this is GORGEOUS. I loved the first one, but I gotta tell you - I think I like this one even better!!

  3. Both lovely but I definitely like the new version best

  4. The gold is absolutely stunning and I love the touch of inking. Way to go on being more than 1/3 done!

  5. I love to case myself, and am happy to see I am not the only one. This is a beautiful card.

  6. Wow ! 100 cards-well done you :)I liked your first card-but the second one is even better i think,such a lovely design and just perfect for your Church.
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  7. I too loved the first one, Ardyth ... and I love this one too ... maybe even more than the first, it's even softer and gentler with the cloud of spongeing! I'm in awe of your ability to create so many cards in such a short time ... so I'm bowing (very low!)! Anita :)

  8. RE: Festive Friday: Sweet, an idea, you are so clever and great at simplistic beauty in your images, maybe you can do a gumdrop wreath? or gumdrop tree. Simple shapes to form a Christmassy image.. just an idea. I put my card with recipes out there to give others ideas on "out of the box ideas" plus I do love getting recipes and giving them at Christmas.. Anyhoo, I know you will rock it -So I will just sit back and wait for it to happen.!! (smiles)

    Thanks for all of your continued comments and support (in all the many challenges (wonderwoman) that you are designing for)

    -Big FAN: Kimberly

  9. Wow is all I have to say!!! :)


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