Saturday, 17 November 2012

CTS6 - Another Horse Card

Yes, I'm still slowly churning out the horse cards I'm making for my sister. For this one, I was inspired by this week's layout for CAS(E) This Sketch (again!).

I have to admit when I first looked at this sketch, I got stuck on what's actually there. This happens to me with most sketch challenges. It takes me a while to look beyond (in this case) the big flowers, and make it my own. Quite often when I'm stuck, I try to either (or both!) minimize the elements, or make it one layer. Changing shapes is another option. But I try to stay true to the sketch - here, I made the main image smaller, changed the shape and took the sentiment out of the main image, but I think (hope!) it's still recognizable as the original sketch.

The stamp is Inkadinkado, the colours are London Fog and Midnight Muse.


Hannelie said...

Hi Ardyth!
You just made my day! Thanks for the comment on my blog!I'm with you about making the sketch your own, and in a way I think I managed to it with this week's sketch... as you did with this!
Well done!!!

Bobby said...

I'm going to take your suggestions about how to look at a sketch differently. I tend to see only what's there and follow precisely, not really liking what I end up with. I'll be stretching my brain from now on. lol

shirley-bee said...

This is why I always avoided sketches. (To me, if you're effectively ignoring the sketch, why bother having it in the first place? Don't tell any of the sketchers, they won't let me play!) But now that I'm learning to tweak them, so I'm not as hung up about the whole sketch thing.

I like they way you've highlighted one horse - standing out but still one of the herd. Posse. Pack.

Geri said...

Love the blue horse...I mean that in a nice way! It reminds me of a photo finish picture at the race track, so very appropriate for your sister's customers!

I tend to get hung up on sketches too and sometimes feel that I have strayed a bit too far! I try to remind myself that they are just a starting point for us and are intended to spur our creativity, not stifle it!

Your creative interpretation works in my it!

Mynnette said...

I LOVE the way you highlighted one of the horses! This is a wonderful card, as per your usual, Ardyth! :)

Jackie Rockwell said...

Super suggestion about sketches!!!

The way you highlighted one horse blue and on a circle is so graphic, I love the look! So glad you played along with us again Ardyth!

Jen W. said...

I love this colour combo and your tips about looking differently at sketches. I get stuck taking them too literally most of the time. Thanks for playing along again with CAS(E) This Sketch! this week!

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Christina said...

Great card and sketch tips! Thanks for playing along with us at CAS(E) this Sketch!