Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kate's Kards - #1

When I started blogging, my almost-13 year old son assured me that I would become "An Internet Sensation". Well, if this is what being an internet sensation is, I'm happy! I love sharing what I've made, and I love that there are people out there who enjoy looking at what I've made, and I really love all the very kind comments that are left as well!

I knew the day would come when my daughter would also want to be "An Internet Sensation" - especially once I posted this card made by her 11 year old cousin.

Kate took one of the black-embossed flowers I had leftover from making the blossom card in  this post, and made this:

So now I'm going to have to start casing my own daughter! All I did was advise her to use nestabilities rather than scissors to cut the circles (good advice, if I do say so myself!). Oops - I also cut the card and the white panel for her.

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MeredythG said...

Awesome job Kate! It's very fun to be an internet sensation!