Church Christmas Cards

Each year I make 300 Christmas cards for churches. Each church sends them out to members of their congregations, with a photocopied list of people of contributed to the project (the money goes to the church - I donate the cards) and a message from the church. 

This Pinterest board shows some of the designs I've used over the years. I usually make 24 of one design, so that I get a good mixture of the fun of designing, and the efficiency of assembly-line work!


  1. WOW! I am making Christmas Card too but not as many as yours... Thank You for sharing the inspirations! They are beautiful cards!

  2. Today's card is absolutely gorgeous! In fact all of them are. Thanks so much for sharing your earlier cards. I make only 100 Christmas cards and get bored after making 6-8 of the same design. I understand you do yours for charity and probably work on them all year. Thanks for the details. Love your work. Have a great day.

  3. These are all so beautiful! I would love to know where you got your jingle bell die and merry dies. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are beautiful. Can you explain how the cards raise money? Does the church sell the cards?

    1. Thanks! Church members pay $10 (or more if they wish), and sign an insert that gets copied and put into each card. Every family gets a card with the names of the people who donated inside. The idea is that the people who donate actually save money by paying $10 instead of sending individual cards to other church members. I'm finding it hard to explain for some reason - I hope that makes sense! If not, we can chat further.

  5. I copied your manger scene with the ink swiped sky... I thought it was do fitting for the times... my clients fell in love with this card ... I don’t usually sign them so they can repurpose send to their friends but this year I think they are going to keep them for themselves! Thank you Ardyth for your wonder inspiration. This is my total favorite card I’ve ever done . Katherine Heimbach

  6. I made this manger card with the inked background for my clients this year.., needless to say it was a huge hit especially with the current times... thank you Ardyth for your inspiration.., Katherine Heimbach


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