Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Muse 214 - Thank You

This is the tale of a short-lived card. I was inspired by Anita's gorgeous Muse card:

I focused on Anita's:
-white embossing
-blue and purple colours
-black script sentiment
-floral theme

I embossed the roses in white, and then blended distress inks over them, fading out the blending to leave some white space. Spritzed the card for some texture and when it was dry, I stamped my sentiment, added sequins and thought it needed more. So I decided to try some black splattering.

And (and this is important and shows I'm not a wild risk-taker!) I took a photo.

But then I decided I didn't love the splatter. Especially on the white embossing. I thought I could easily wipe it off. Nope. So I added a little tiny bit of water to my cloth and ended up smearing the whole thing. Lesson learned - I'll leave the splattering to the pro's! lol!

I used:


Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 said...

Simply gorgeous. Love your take on Anita's card.

Marianne said...

Too bad you ruined the card after taking this picture. I'm sure the recipient would have been really happy to receive a card like this. Your caution sounds familiar, though. I also tend to take a picture if I'm not sure whether or not to make alterations. At other times, I just leave the card as is for a while. More often than not, the design is starting to grow on me and no further changes are needed.
As for the splattering, I have seen other people practise on a piece of scrap paper to check if the selected brush is giving the desired results, before actually adding the splatters to the card.

Mary McCaslin said...

This is just beautiful and as fate would have it, I just received my order from SSS with this stamp today! I really do love the splatter in this photo though!

Dortesjs said...

Very nice card, love the colours

Estelle TBT said...

Wow! Gorgeous card Ardyth!!!
I do love your splattering! I thought it was in purple ;-)
I know that... sometimes we need to know the right time to stop...
Wonderful take on Anita's Muse card!

Magic Flying Boots said...

This is so beautiful, love those scribbly roses! Sorry to hear you ruined it afterwards :( Was it completely past saving? But at least you got a photo :D

Jen xx

Neets B said...

Oh no, what a shame the card is no more :( I love the splatters, I think they work brilliantly on this design. Love those scribbly roses, think I need some in my life! x

Geri said...

Personally, I love the little bits of black splatter. A shame though that such a pretty card was ruined POST PHOTO!!! Fabulous take on Anita's card :)

Dianne Gutchlag said...

This is (was) a gorgeous card. I love the scribbly roses & I think the fine black spatter works too. Well done for having the foresight to take a photo first.

Bobby said...

At least you took the picture first but it's too bad the card is beyond repair, Ardyth. It's the age old question, "to spatter or not to spatter". I love the look but sometimes it's out of control.