Thursday 31 October 2013


2013102901 by ardythpr1
2013102901, a photo by ardythpr1 on Flickr.

I have reloaded this photo from my Flickr account to see if the quality is higher.  What do you think? It seems a little crisper to me.

I still have a lot to figure out about how to post from Flickr. Like how to add an inlinkz. If you know how to do this and are willing to share, I'd be willing to listen! I'll go check You Tube as well.


  1. To be honest - I can't tell the difference! Both images look great!

  2. Photos are always better with Flicker! It is a bit more time consuming, but worth it!

  3. I agree with Tracey. I always go through FLICKR and the photos stay wonderfully clear! I use the share feature on the photo in FLICKR and then the HTML option. I copy that code to my blog. After that everything - like INLINKZ - work just as normal.

  4. I'm trying to see a difference, Ardyth, but they've both travelled well, so I can't! Anita :)

  5. At first I thought this was sharper and crisper, but when I went back to look at the other post - they looked the same to me. The only thing I know about inklinkz is linking up! ;)

  6. I use Picassa, and also noticed changes in picture quality and intensity after uploading to blogger.
    Just saying... can't offer help ;)


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