Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Moving Day*

I think I am a contender for Best Mom AND Best Daughter today (sorry to my 3 sisters!!). Oh yes, AND Best Wife!

It's a thundery afternoon here in Toronto and I've been baking away - all my specialities!

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Not only do my kids love these, but so does my dad. He's coming tonight for yet another Toronto Symphony concert (Holst's Planets - can't wait!!) and stops by for a drink and a snack afterward before driving home.

Cheese Scones (I say Skahns, how about you? Maybe you just call them biscuits and avoid the controversy?)

These are my mom's favourites, and some of these will be taken to her tonight by my dad, as her Mother's Day present.

Finally, my son's all time favourite - Banana Chocolate Chip cake. It has a Cinnamon/Brown Sugar/Chocolate Chip topping that crisps up and is scrumptious. My son would eat this and nothing else  until it's gone, if we let him.

Don't you wish I was your daughter? or mother? or wife? lol!

*And now I have to move out, before I eat it all myself!


Anonymous said...

:-) :-) :-) I wish you were my cook! I HATE kitchen-duty of any kind but would sure love to eat what you cooked today, especially the scawns. I've only ever had the kind that come from the bakery all dry and yucky with rock-hard currents in them.

After all that hard work, I hope you don't fall asleep at the concert.


Michelle said...

Ardyth, I do wish you were my mother or sister! Your lucky family. :-)

If I was Canadian, I would call the scones "skahns", but since I'm Australian, I call them "skons". The "on" is like the on/off on. And calling scones "biscuits" is all too confusing, because biscuits are sweet (cookies), LOL!

Enjoy the symphony!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Be still my beating heart... It all looks sooo good.
To have those in my belly and Holst's Planets in my ears...well, that sounds like the perfect day. Well planned Ardyth! I'm hungry. Must get the cheese scone recipe from you sometime :)


Jen W. said...

That cake is all I'd eat if I could...